Usability testing

Learn how to run usability testing sessions to improve your designs and bring them in line with your users' needs and goals.


The essential method to gain user insight

Usability testing is a key technique to make sure your websites, apps, prototypes etc. are in line with users' needs and goals. Usability testing is also a great way to get to know your users and communicate customer requirements to stakeholders in an engaging way.

During this interactive one-day course you'll master the basics for running usability testing sessions, in the way that we do here at Webcredible day-in-day-out. We cover what we look to find out during usability testing, as well as teaching you all the basic logistics, including:

Course content

  • Setting usability testing research objectives
  • Participant recruitment
  • Usability testing interview script writing
  • Usability testing lab setup

The core part of the training is then dedicated to giving you a hands-on chance to practice your interviewing and reporting skills. You'll run a mini usability testing session, guided by our experienced user experience consultants, getting the chance to master:

  • Your usability testing interview techniques
  • The art of taking useful notes
  • Ways to analyse, extract and report usability issues
  • How to share wider user research insights and findings

Our usability testing trainers are full-time UX consultants at Webcredible - when not training, we work on live UX projects for our clients. Between us, we've run 10,000+ hours' research, and deliver amazing user experiences day in, day out. You'll get to tap into the expertise and experience of true UX professionals.

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