Design leadership

Learn the skills to make the move from design practitioner to design leader


Take the next step in your design career

There's never been a better time, or such a need for design practitioners to make the move to become design leader.

Digital design and UX design have become vital aspects of every successful modern business. Organisations are seeing the effectiveness of design thinking in creating new products and service, leveraging new markets and providing a competitive advantage.

Taking this hands-on course will give you practical skills, actionable knowledge and the confidence to transition from a design practitioner to an effective design leader.

During the training course you'll learn how to:

Course content

  • Develop the qualities of an effective design leader
    Learn the behaviours that make a design leader, approaches to leading an impactful design team and how to tackle key challenges in creating a culture of design
  • Bring strategic thinking and vision to design
    Get practical advice and a step-by-step process on how to develop and embed a design vision that aligns with your organisation's objectives
  • Influence the C-suite to embrace and implement design thinking in business challenges
    Through practical exercises and role play, find out how to gain senior management backing for design initiatives, including how to demonstrate the value of design
  • Create compelling business cases for design initiatives
    Take our 60-minute introduction to how different businesses work to increase your commercial awareness. You will get to devise and pitch a design initiative before receiving feedback
  • Build a high performing product design team
    We'll show you how to evaluate the skills and make-up of your team. We'll share ways to upskill your team and provide tips on how to attract and recruit design talent
  • Develop the soft skills for design leadership
    We'll give you a crash course in building empathy and how to foster collaboration with your team and business stakeholders

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