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Our presenters

Daria Lanz

I'm a creative-hybrid who specialises in user experience and interaction design. I believe design is a fundamental key to creating a better future. Whether through products and services that benefit the lives of their users so they can enjoy the more meaningful bits of their lives, or creating exhilarating experiences that push the boundaries of possibility, we drive the future forward through design. One of my favourite parts of my role is facilitating workshops because I love unlocking the creative thinking that fosters and grows ideas. I also spend a lot of time fleshing ideas out through user research, having racked up over 300 hours of user interviews in the past year alone. I believe that experimentation and play are fundamental to innovation and growth. I also believe strong culture and supportive working environments breed the best work. As part of my contribution to the awesome Inviqa culture, I organise and manage internal skill-swaps to share the wealth of brain-power between all of us, as well as teaching public and private courses across a range of skills.


Felice Hawley

Felice is a journalist and editor who began web-based writing after 16 years at CNN. Felice has led large site launch and content migration projects across numerous sectors including government, financial services, and IT.

She spends most of her days working with clients on large- and medium-sized projects to create content strategies, draft tone-of-voice guidelines, and craft amazing copy. She can often be found trying to bridge the gap between clients' editorial/commercial teams and IT departments.

Felice is an incredibly experienced trainer and her enthusiasm for all things content is unbelievably infectious, as you'll discover for yourself!

Grant Broome


Grant remotely runs our public accessibility training and has more than a decade's experience in web accessibility.

He has consulted with a variety of organisations, audited hundreds of websites, and trained the likes of Virgin and Legal & General. You'll also find Grant speaking at events like the British Computer Society, Headstar, and the Bett Show.

His approach is centred on making accessibility easy, understandable, and actionable.

Jamie Stantonian

I help organisations discover what people really need, so I can build products and services that they actually want. From research and strategy to prototyping and design, I lead projects that deliver high quality deliverables and high value outcomes. With Inviqa, I've worked reinventing the cruise-buying experience for Costco, developed a 10 year strategic vision for Augmented Reality for a major publisher, and led a international research project to help a large SaaS company understand how their global customers were using their product. Beginning with a heavily embossed, gif-laden Geocities site in April 1998, over the past 20 years I've worked with artists, charities and multinationals across Europe, the Americas and Africa. This has included helping build an experience centre for G4S inside a giant vault, relaunching the ICO website to help the public understand their data rights, working with English Heritage to look to try and incorporate AR & VR into their long term vision, and embarked on an expedition deep into the heart of HSBC's intranet to try and chart the whereabouts of lost resources. What keeps things interesting is that in our increasingly complex, technological society, each project brings an intriguing new set of challenges that requires drawing on past experience but also stepping unknown and exploring new ways of doing things.

Jane Minto

Jane is a senior UX consultant, working closely with our clients to solve real people's problems using design thinking, evidence, and empathy to make their lives better. She believes that talking to customers, and involving them throughout the design process, is the best way to create great experiences.

From research and co-creation to design and usability testing, Jane's approach is truly customer-centric and always aligned with business objectives.

You'll often find Jane speaking at events to share her learnings.

Olena Bulygina

I build research-driven products that delight users and clients alike. I am passionate about accessibility and believe in designing for all people, regardless of their abilities. One of the greatest joys for me is to increase impact of any project by inclusive design driven by ethical values. I help established organisations and startups employ people-centered thinking to ship products that are integral parts of people's daily lives. This process includes rigorous user research, laser-focused delivery and alignment of business objectives with design practice outcomes. One of the examples is the customer-focused internal customer journey framework for Capital One UK, where I led a critique to the project's success content audit, extracting valuable design insights from over two hundred research items. Previously I have worked with clients of diverse range and scale: global brands such as Nike and L'Oreal, advertising agencies, nonprofits, traditional and digital media. I have co-founded The Old Reader, a news RSS-reader that is currently serving over half a million people in an open and transparent way after being acquired by another company in 2013. I was responsible for design and strategy that grew this product from zero to hundreds of thousands of people using and loving it.

Rosie Le Page


Rosie is an account director at Inviqa, ensuring we give our clients everything they need to succeed in their digital transformation initiatives.

She chats with our clients, all day, every day, discussing their business needs, their tricky stakeholders, their long-terms goals, and all things logistical to create amazing digital experiences.

Rosie believes trust and proof foster the perfect professional partnership.

As both a thinker and a doer, she helps clients figure out how to navigate the digital landscape and improve their business in the process.

Shelley Malham

I lead client accounts to create award winning products that meet our clients' business objectives. I act as an ambassador for our clients on the inside, and for Inviqa on the out; I keep the balance just right to create one team devoted to making amazing products. I'm passionate about customer experience, so I feel lucky to have found an industry where everyday we're solving real customer problems. I oversee the quality of delivery to ensure it meets our objectives, that it can lead to further opportunities and that it's going to impress. I lead the relationship with the Virgin Trains, where we're driving forward the end-to-end customer experience across all digital platforms, resulting in continuously increased customer conversion and business revenue. I've worked with CBI to transform their business to a digital first proposition, as well as leading the Age UK account through the rebrand & new website build of their commercial arm, where together we're devoted to ending loneliness for older people.

Stephen Tomlinson


Stephen is a UX consultant at Inviqa. A creative problem solver, he uses research, collaboration, and an iterative approach to designing innovative products and services that customers love. Equal parts geek and designer, Stephen loves to play around with technology, but believes people need to be at the centre of the design process.

A lot of Stephen's time is spent rapidly creating prototypes and putting them in front of users. He designed the end-to-end service to bring health apps into the NHS, worked with Costco to bring their travel proposition into the UK, and has collaborated with other brands including Dulux and UBS.

Stephen is passionate about sharing best practice and teaches user research and information architecture. 

Stuart McAdam

Stuart is a UX and UI consultant at Inviqa, with a love of great digital design.

He focuses on taking clients through the entire design process, from ideation through to realised concepts that are tested with end users. 

His recent work includes redefining the way people book train travel with Virgin Trains, and working on enterprise applications that deliver global value with Tesco. 

Stuart is an enthusiastic trainer who loves to teach UX fundamentals, sharing tips and insights from real-world design projects.

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