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Our presenters

Adam Scott

I am an experienced project manager, and Agile coach and mentor and I have been an integral part of the Inviqa team for 6+ years. I am also a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Kanban Management Professional (KMP).

Passionate about the business benefits of Lean Kanban software development, I regularly shares his learning beyond the classroom for the Inviqa blog, and my personal blog, Pi in the Sky.

Alexander Baxevanis

I'm a designer and technologist who creates impactful work. I get excited about what modern technologies can do and want to harness them to achieve customer and business goals. At Inviqa I lead & inspire my fellow designers and clients as they work together to create incredible experiences. Recent successes include helping a global asset management company tell stories through visualising complex data; turning retirement planning from boring form-filling into a fluid chatbot conversation; and strategically guiding the creation of an award-winning global AR app. I've previously worked in corporate innovation labs, discovering how to put technologies like image recognition and audio processing to good use (now at the core of every consumer device).

Andy Ingle

I work with leaders to create and deliver a vision for their future. I thrive when helping brands imagine how they can use the latest tech to make really cool customer experiences that solve genuine customer and business problems. My role has two parts. Firstly, I build ongoing relationships with people that want to make a difference, working closely with them to make sure that our work is consistently delivering against strategic objectives and big picture thinking. Secondly, I work closely with my colleagues at Inviqa to make sure that our work is the best it can be - logical, innovative and beautiful. Recent successes include prestigious awards for my ongoing work with Age UK to lead digital transformation initiatives and rethink how they deliver services, developing and delivering the future of rail travel with Virgin Trains, inspiring Weatherbys Bank to develop customer-driven private banking solutions and the creation of a 5 year digital strategy and award winning website for Brompton Bicycles. Previously I've grown a start-up to service over 2m paying users, won awards for my work with Hilton Worldwide Resorts, been product owner of a multi-million pound international eCommerce platform and worked closely with some of the world's leading financial institutions.

Dan Fickling

I design thoughtful digital solutions for real humans, built on insights. Working in that murky sliver, where human and business needs intersect is where I really love to be; understanding how people think, and designing solutions that they love. I spend a lot of my time working with the good people at Virgin Trains, leading continuous improvements to their digital customer experience. Trains are complicated, so spending all that time thinking rail, I'm able to provide real insight, which means better customer satisfaction and sales. I also lead a re-alignment of Brompton's website, pushing it to work harder to show off their (actually) amazing bikes, while making it simpler for people to navigate and make a decision. I've previously worked a lot in the publishing industry, guiding and leading the design of multiple websites and completely re-imaging digital subscriptions for New Zealand's largest independent publishing company.

Daria Lanz

I'm a creative-hybrid who specialises in user experience and interaction design. I believe design is a fundamental key to creating a better future. Whether through products and services that benefit the lives of their users so they can enjoy the more meaningful bits of their lives, or creating exhilarating experiences that push the boundaries of possibility, we drive the future forward through design. One of my favourite parts of my role is facilitating workshops because I love unlocking the creative thinking that fosters and grows ideas. I also spend a lot of time fleshing ideas out through user research, having racked up over 300 hours of user interviews in the past year alone. I believe that experimentation and play are fundamental to innovation and growth. I also believe strong culture and supportive working environments breed the best work. As part of my contribution to the awesome Inviqa culture, I organise and manage internal skill-swaps to share the wealth of brain-power between all of us, as well as teaching public and private courses across a range of skills.

Felice Hawley

Felice says writing live radio and then CNN TV news for 20 years was a great set-up for her work as a web writer. Now as a trainer she offers down-to-earth tips and tools to help clients turn traditional print text into something that comes alive online. The Inviqa courses Felice created and teaches cover online content strategy, web writing and an introduction to content design. She tries to connect her own experience of managing content and content teams with the working life of each participant.

Grant Broome

Grant has been specialising in web accessibility for over a decade, consulting with a variety of organisations on how to make their online content accessible to people with disabilities. He's audited hundreds of websites and provided many training courses to various European government teams and companies like Virgin and Legal & General. He has also spoken at events for the British Computer Society, Headstar and at the Bett Show. His approach makes accessibility as simple and understandable as possible, and his passion for inclusion, draws people in to a subject that can seem complex from the start.

Jamie Stantonian

I help organisations discover what people really need, so I can build products and services that they actually want. From research and strategy to prototyping and design, I lead projects that deliver high quality deliverables and high value outcomes. With Inviqa, I've worked reinventing the cruise-buying experience for Costco, developed a 10 year strategic vision for Augmented Reality for a major publisher, and led a international research project to help a large SaaS company understand how their global customers were using their product. Beginning with a heavily embossed, gif-laden Geocities site in April 1998, over the past 20 years I've worked with artists, charities and multinationals across Europe, the Americas and Africa. This has included helping build an experience centre for G4S inside a giant vault, relaunching the ICO website to help the public understand their data rights, working with English Heritage to look to try and incorporate AR & VR into their long term vision, and embarked on an expedition deep into the heart of HSBC's intranet to try and chart the whereabouts of lost resources. What keeps things interesting is that in our increasingly complex, technological society, each project brings an intriguing new set of challenges that requires drawing on past experience but also stepping unknown and exploring new ways of doing things.

Jane Minto

I solve real people's problems through design thinking, using evidence and empathy, in order to make their lives better. One of the best parts of my job is getting to talk directly to people - to understand first hand their challenges and needs. I believe that talking to customers, and involving them throughout the design process, is the best way to create great experiences. I designed a multi-award winning service, connecting older people with volunteer telephone befrienders to help combat loneliness. I've also been exploring how conversational and voice interfaces can help the ageing population access critical information and advice. I've also led one of the UK's largest energy providers to develop a new mobile app that helps their customers stay in control of their energy.

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