Daria Lanz

I'm a creative-hybrid who specialises in user experience and interaction design. I believe design is a fundamental key to creating a better future. Whether through products and services that benefit the lives of their users so they can enjoy the more meaningful bits of their lives, or creating exhilarating experiences that push the boundaries of possibility, we drive the future forward through design. One of my favourite parts of my role is facilitating workshops because I love unlocking the creative thinking that fosters and grows ideas. I also spend a lot of time fleshing ideas out through user research, having racked up over 300 hours of user interviews in the past year alone. I believe that experimentation and play are fundamental to innovation and growth. I also believe strong culture and supportive working environments breed the best work. As part of my contribution to the awesome Inviqa culture, I organise and manage internal skill-swaps to share the wealth of brain-power between all of us, as well as teaching public and private courses across a range of skills.


In my spare time I work with the Glimpse Collective, where I worked with the design team launching the Choose Love pop up shop in Soho ‰ÛÒ the world's first store to sell real products for refugees. Previous to that I led the design team in launching a 2-week Tube takeover for the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (C.A.T.S.) ‰ÛÓ a fictitious organisation that had all the adverts at Clapham Common station replaced by pictures of cats.


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