Jamie Stantonian

I help organisations discover what people really need, so I can build products and services that they actually want. From research and strategy to prototyping and design, I lead projects that deliver high quality deliverables and high value outcomes. With Inviqa, I've worked reinventing the cruise-buying experience for Costco, developed a 10 year strategic vision for Augmented Reality for a major publisher, and led a international research project to help a large SaaS company understand how their global customers were using their product. Beginning with a heavily embossed, gif-laden Geocities site in April 1998, over the past 20 years I've worked with artists, charities and multinationals across Europe, the Americas and Africa. This has included helping build an experience centre for G4S inside a giant vault, relaunching the ICO website to help the public understand their data rights, working with English Heritage to look to try and incorporate AR & VR into their long term vision, and embarked on an expedition deep into the heart of HSBC's intranet to try and chart the whereabouts of lost resources. What keeps things interesting is that in our increasingly complex, technological society, each project brings an intriguing new set of challenges that requires drawing on past experience but also stepping unknown and exploring new ways of doing things.


Outside of work, I am part of the art collective The Tunnel, and also write about the history of ideas and how technology has impacted society historically; especially how new mediums, from the alphabet to the printing press, have altered the social and cultural landscape. Right now, I'm working on a YouTube series about the 1980s Satanic Panic, to chart how and why some very strange ideas "went viral" through the mass media.


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