Rosie Le Page

I ensure we give our clients everything they need to help their digital transformation succeed. I chat with our clients, all day, every day. I discuss their business needs, their tricky stakeholders, their long terms goals, and all things logistics in order to create amazing digital experiences. I believe trust and proof foster the perfect professional partnership, our clients trust us to deliver amazing work and we deliver the proof in the pudding. I have to be both a doer and a thinker, I help clients figure out how to navigate the digital landscape and improve their business in the process. I also make sure we are on hand every step of the way whether it's in stakeholder meetings, the design phase or user testing. In short, this role means running a tight ship with everyone clearly seeing what's on the horizon.


My background is in mobile development which has helped me understand the nuances of designing for consumers and ensuring that is followed through in the development stage. I am interested in emerging technologies and how they can be used to improve our lives.


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